Dear friends:

    Welcome to the Newonder website!

    Newonder is founded in 1985 and witness the huge changes from China reform and open policy, and experience the history of development. From one unknown small factory to the leader corporation in power supply for HV frequency converter field, Newonder get all the support from community, the contribution from the staff!  It is all beyond the words to express my gratitude!
    There is old saying in China that cooperation is the best way to gain the world. Indeed, Newonder with 25 years development, the most harvest is all the friends, the biggest wealth is the staff. During the development, I am glad to be together with them to encourage and make the progress which makes the difficult path to be one wide road, make the ordinary work to be outstanding achievement.

    25 years development is the spirit wealth for Newonder, and as well the motive for the pursuit! Until now, Newonder integrates the research, design, manufacture, and marketing and has been one outstanding enterprise in power supply for HV frequency converter field and industry transformer and reactor with strong technology group, advanced facilities, proper management system. These years, with the start of the eleven-five-year plan energy conservation projects and policy support from motor energy conservation policy, Newonder has made bigger progress. Our products applied in petroleum, petrifaction, steel, mining, mill, coal, electricity, cements and related industries. Business has explores to whole China and exported product has sold out to more than 20 countries worldwide.

    In the face of more open market, hope and difficulty interlace, chance and challenge coexist. Our goal is not only what we get now but more achievement in the future. In the following ten years, with the government policy for the energy conservation and LCE, Newonder will meet the times when the industries will increase 30-50% annual. We will take this opportunity and build Newonder to be one international brand.

    Just as writer Voltaire said, the great cause needs undying spirit of competition. Newonder will take the tradition of innovation and hard-fighting spirit, and explore a bright road for the enterprise.

    At last, I will take one sentence from Li Yu in Qing dynasty as mutual encouragement:

    Today will be better than yesterday; tomorrow will be superior to today again!


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