Newonder is Beijing High-tech and Torch Project Enterprise.

    Transformer Standardization Technical Committee invited to be one of the members to draft QB/NST-06-2007 (trial version) and QB/NST-08-2007 < power supply for rectifier transformer ZPSFG (H) standard> (trial version)

    Rate for research and development take the sales more than 5% every year, in the following three years, the average cost every year will be more than 200 million.

    Now there are employees more than 400, in which research group takes more than 40% with professor Senior Engineer 7, in which 3 receive State Council special allowance.

    Own 27 patents, including 2 invention patents and 25 utility patents. There are patents pending including 6 invention patents, 12 utility patents and 4 appearance patents, at the same time; Newonder has couples of non-patents technology.

    In the last three years, there are average 5 patents added every year and in the future the average quantity will be 10-20.

    There are professional intellectual property department who take charge of the pending of patents and protection of the intellectual property. Meanwhile, they will search for the advanced technology in China and overseas, keep the good part and introduce to Newonder.

    Dry type and oil immersed rectifier transformers; ocean platform transformers ever gained the prizes from Beijing Chaoyang District with technology development. Newonder has taken the projects from Torch plans. Besides that, Newonder products are identified to be innovative products by Hebei Province.

    Dry type and oil immersed rectifier transformers ZTSFG(H), ZTS products all gained the being new technology acceptance certificate.


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