Steel industry

      Sinosteel Equipment Co., LTD. is China's steel Co., LTD investment company. The business includes projects both at home and abroad, sets project general contracting, mechanical and electrical equipment and spare parts integrated supply, project management etc, Successfully taking 400 key metallurgical construction projects in China.

        Coal industry

        TieMei Group was founded in October 1999, its predecessor is Tiefa Mining Bureau that is founded in 1958 and has already been 50 years development history. With three cores, Accumulative petroleum industrial reserve is 22.97 million tons.

          Energy industry

          HHEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Huadian Engineering (group) Co., LTD with registered property 150 million. The main business includes device design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and project contractor referring to the field of power, chemical, construction, harbor.

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