ⅠTalents management

    1 virtue first, quality concentration, use talents, spirit and talent together to choose good employee
    2 people-oriented, respect for talents, trust talents, reasonable configuration with good talents
    3 honest-treatment, care talents, cherish talents, dedicated to guide talents.
    4 humanized management: development psychological counseling, pay attention to the psychological health for employees, employee personality, play staff skill, and "pluralism" and "originality" organically, and constantly develop employees potential;
    5 learning organization: advocating learning, innovation, development center to knowledge innovation, and learning organization, enterprise and employee grow together.

    Ⅱ personnel training

    1 Employee training: career development plan and enterprise employee benefits required to ascend photograph union, the company established for each employee not less than average 40 hours of training courses, covering enterprise culture, products knowledge, management skills and so on many aspects of content.
    2 Tutor first: for each new employee, the company will provide its appointed senior adviser, old employees as to its probation of the working and living for counseling and help, help its faster to the company's life and work.
    3 Teamwork spirit: in work pays much attention to the training of staff team spirit, cooperation consciousness, and help employees quickly into the enterprise culture
    4 Technical training: aim for industry technical dynamic, notice before eyes latest product technology and process training, strengthens staff core technical ability of building and upgrading, staff's professional ability follow corporate research and development step.

    Ⅲ Salary and Welfare

    1 company set up the professional salary management committee, established and improving the competitive salary system
    2 lawfully pay social insurance for the staff and pay housing fund, provide favorable and profession competitive welfare treatment.

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