Wind power combined into grid speed acceleration during 12th five-year plan

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    Wind power combined into grid speed acceleration during 12th five-year plan
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    In 2010, State Grid has ever indicated that until 2020 state grid in China can take in 100 million kilowatt wind power supply at most. Only after one year, the achieving time for this target pull ahead by 5 years. Yesterday, State Grid updated to be in the end of 12th five-year plan with the taking in power generated by wind with 100 million kilowatt.  

    The electricity conservation is one worldwide problem. Only with the solution of the conservation, the wind power electricity stable current can be fixed at the same time. Otherwise, the combination will be largely limited and the power will be wasted. In order to solve this problem, state grid mentioned that during 12th five-year plan they will construct extra high voltage (EHV) alternating mainstay net which will connect coal, hydroelectric, nuclear and recycling energy base with major load center.

    In 2015, the capacity for non-fossil energy will reach up to 470 million kilowatt in China which will take 32% in total. It is reported by the analyst that with rapid development of wind power, if the construction of smart grid cannot keep up, it will be the limit for the wind-power industry and have influence to the ending market. According to the result from state grid yesterday, related field with wind power such as power device manufacturers and wind power station will receive bright future.

    CTEK.NASDAQ president and CEO Mr. bei lv told us that she was optimistic to the wind power further development and that would be motive element to the wind auxiliaries part manufacture industry like CTEK.NASDAQ.

    Renewable energy resource institute wind power committee vice-president Mr. Shi Peng Fei shows that this time State Grid indicate exactly the wind power combination into grid will be 100 million kilowatt, that means the whole market is larger. After the target is clear, the related companies in wind power market will have fewer limits by the combination elements. After the speed acceleration, wind power station enterprises will benefit the most. The enterprises will be five major electricity groups, CGNPG, China's Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, CSEC and other large energy group because they run the most part of wind power station in China.

    Meanwhile, securities analyst Zhou Hong Yu mentioned that in 2010 the capacity wind power supply is 40 million kilowatt in which 30% does not fulfill to combination and stay unused. There are some reasons and profit distribution between wind power station and grid enterprise will be included. Such as small wind power station construct separate PTD with higher cost and that is why they want to negotiate with grid enterprises but there is no financial motive for the combination, in this case, even with target, the cooperation is not getting along for sure. 

    In the wind power device industry there is more medium and small companies, the competition is very strong, integration, shuffle trend is obvious. Although the combination rate rises year by year, it is difficult to bring profit.

    Zhou hongyu expressed that the top 5 enterprises for the wind power devices now is able to meet the market demand and others medium and small ones is risky. In the following 2 to 5 years, the industry will shuffle and at that time, after integration, for wind power device manufacturers will not more than 10 possibly.

    Shi pengfei considered that the favored enterprise is three complete machine suppliers. They are Xinjiang Gold wind science and technology co.,ltd (002202)(002202.SZ),Sinovel (601558)(601558.SH),Dongfang Electric (600875)(600875.SH). It is said that the three enterprises take the 60% market share in the wind power device manufacture industry in China.

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