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    In 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission made the < Energy-Saving Long-Term Special Planning> and put motor energy –saving in one of the ten key projects and mentioned clearly to the industries of coal, power, metal, petro. The above industries will apply efficient energy-saving fans, pumps,compressor system optimization and reform, to promote frequency converter, automatic system control technology.

    April in 2008, < The People's Republic of China energy saving method> revised by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress came into force and defined clearly to the content of . The government intensifies efforts to promote saving energy and environmental protection industries.

    March in 2010, during the special notice of National Development and Reform Commission Office about organization to implement the 2010 new power electronics device industrialization, it mentioned that in order to promote energy-saving and electronics device technique and industry development, in 2010, NDRC will organize to apply new power electronics device industrialization to support separately the important project including independent technique chip, device and ASPM appliance industrialization besides frequency devices.

    May in 2010, The State Council on further intensify efforts to ensure realization of "11th five-year plan" energy conservation and emission reduction targets of the notice was released and mentioned that to organize and carry out the provincial governments 2009 energy conservation and emission reduction targets completion status and measures implementation and 11th five-year plan "target completed progress of evaluation, evaluation results to announce to the society, to carry out the rewards and punishments measures, increase accountability strength. Meanwhile, Push the key fields of energy saving and emission reduction. Strengthen the management of electricity, steel, nonferrous metal, petrochemical, chemical industry; building materials in key industries such as energy conservation and emission reduction, increase strength with advanced applicable technology to transform traditional industries.

    In 2010,in the State Council about strategic decision of emerging industries acceleration,  High efficiency and energy saving technology and equipment and product was added to the strategic emerging industry ranks, including the frequency converter and energy-saving transformer. Analysts believe the industry will benefit from the national policy powerful promotion and enter to the overall rapid development phase.


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