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Rectifier dry type transformer for frequency converter is the key technology products. It is the power supply part for the frequency converter. At the same time, it can realize separation and phase shift which make it to be the core part. There are dry types and oil-immersed types in production.

Dry type rectifier transformer for frequency converter has adopted new insulation configuration and advanced techniques in the electrical design. Short-circuit withstand ability and electric performance have been highly improved. We fully take the influence of harmonics on winding and core into consideration to guarantee the life of transformer.

We own workshop for the copper wire processing. Advanced wire extrusion facility will guarantee the wire surface smooth, no burr and better electric performance.

We fully take the temperature rise caused by harmonic into consideration to guarantee the life of transformer. VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) and high-temperature-solidified make the transformer have a good performance of damp proof, dustproof, which ensure the transformer operate reliably.

We have promoted quite a lot on the basis of traditional configuration and mature   technology as listed following:

Enhance the strength of anti-short circuit impedance and effective supports of coil surface;

Perfect the structure of body orientation to ensure more reliable conditions during long distance transportation and operation;

All the raw materials have passed through strictly quality testing, the manufacturers of which have offered raw materials examined strictly pursuit to ISO9001 standards.

A great many of products with the characteristics of high reliability are used together with the 6 pulse, 12 pulse and 18 pulse frequency converters or rectifier, according to frequency converter, rectifier type, customers?requirements and special manufacturing scheme of design.

Recently, the GDP is increasing but energy consumption rate is keeping higher which has become the restriction to the economy development. Now government has put more on energy saving projects, and frequency control and speed motor is more and more widely used in all possible industries. The device can improve the technology and efficiency and can extend the equipment service life as well. The most important is the device can save energy and reduce the consumption which is all accepted by the users.

Since the foundation in 1985, Newonder is with full developing and researching experience. In 1996, Newonder successfully produced the power supply for Siemens LV frequency converter, then following the ABB, AB frequency device and finish the production of poly cell cascade power supply. Now Newonder has built cooperation with Robicon, Leader & Harvest, Hicon and other international and Chinese frequency converter manufacturers. The products widely used in power supply, petroleum, metallurgy, water supply, sewage treatment, textile, paper, medicine, coal, cement industries.

Products as follows:


Product name and Model No _________________
Rated power _________________kVA
HV/LV rated voltage ________ /_______ kV
HV tap-changing range _________________%
Short-circuit impedance _________________%
Number of phase _________________
Number of winding _________________
Frequency _________________Hz
Using conditions:  
Altitude _________________m
Ambient Temperature _________________℃
Pattern of connection _________________
Protection Class _________________
Number of sets _________________
Other requirements _________________
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