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Transformers for platform are special products used in higher temperature, higher humidity, with mould, saulty and oil mist, vibration conditions. The products are are the important devices mainly used in drilling platform and ship which will supply isolation, light, ship propulsion, drilling platform oil pump and other large motors.

Ocean platform transformers from Newonder are with insulation level H; frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz; capacity will not be more than 7000KVA and voltage less than 10 KV.

Since the successful research on the ocean platform transformer, Newonder devotes to the technology improvement. In 2004, Newonder passed the centification from CCS and to be the first transformer manufacturer in north china. For years, newonder has supplied a lot of high quality products to the users and all the products work well in site.

With strong technology strength, Newonder can manufacture the special products according to customers?special requirements.

Structure characters:

The iron-core is made of low-loss, high-class cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with new stack configuration featuring 45?fully oblique joint.

All the parts has preprocessed to prevent salty, humidity and mould.

The whole transformer   is processed by the VPI and high temperature solidification process which will enhance the ability to short circuit resistance. The service life will be more than 20 years.

Winding is non-seal structure and well flame retardant and ventilated.

Transformer case is made of high quality steel sheet and international protection level is IP00, IP23

Transformers will be down inlet and down outlet. The foundation of the cases will be equipped with cable holes and device to protect and fix cable. According to the customers, the foundation of the transformers case can be set MCT for cables.

Transformer mainly used in drilling platform and ship. It is one of the most important device which can supply frequency and speed regulation for isolation, lights and ship propulsion and oil pump.

installation and operation conditions for transformers

Normal environment conditions

Installation location: indoors

Environment temperature: 5~40

Daily maximum temperature 30             

Relative humidity indoors 90%

Altitude: not more than 1000m

Quake proof condition: horizontal acceleration 0.2g 
Vertical acceleration 0.1g
Intensity<7 class

Power grid

Power voltage: similar to sinusoid wave

Power voltage equality : Should roughly symmetrical

50Hz power frequency: 50 Hz

1. Transformer model _________________
2. Rated capacity _________________kVA
3.Rated frequency _________________Hz
4. Rated voltage(HV/LV) ________ v /_______ V
5. Tapping range _________________3、6、10kV ofen are±5%,up to and including1kV ofen without tapping range)
6. Insulation level H_____other_______
7.Connection symbol _________________
8. Impedance voltage _________________(normal product at the sample data)
9. Cooling method
AF(with fans)
10. Protection grade IP00________IP23_________other
11. With or without temperature indicator _________________
12. Color for the transformer case RAL7032_______other__________
13. Inlet cable external diameter______mm quantity_________
14. Outlet cable external diameter______mm quantity_________
15. Way for cables down for inlet _________outlet________
16. The third party to inspection CCS ________other_________
17. Hull Number
(supplied by users)
Note: special requirements will be fixed by both technology departments.

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