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(一) Dry type commutation reactor

Commutation reactor is used in the frequency conversion and rectifier system. The reactor is connected in the network side or linked on the load, it can not only prevent from grid harmonics interference, but also reduce the rectifier unit of harmonic current t misoperation of pollution, When the capacity is very big, it can prevent overvoltage caused by the current.

Applicable to various large current equipment phase current imbalance automatic adjustment, in order to achieve balanced current, saving energy consumption, the current balance network.

(二)Dynamic reactive compensation series reactor

Dynamic reactive compensation series reactor is the complementary product for dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVG and SVC), the device can improve the power factor thus reducing the total current, reduce the loss of transmission lines and transformers, and increase the utilization and regions with a load capacity of generator system of the transformers and  transmission lines, reduce the voltage drop to the end of the system voltage stability, and power system can be dynamic reactive power compensation.

(三)Dry-type Core Smoothing Reactor                        

Smoothing reactor is an important component in the rectifier circuit, its main function including:

1). limiting short-circuit current, protecting converter device.

2).prevent the power frequency grid from the interference of intermediate frequency component.

3). reducing the DC current pulse amplitude, keeping the continuity of rectifier current

(四) Series Reactor

Series reactor connects generally with shunt capacitor of electrical power system, uses in limiting the flows on switch, suppresses the waveform distortion of electrical network voltage and controls the harmonic component of flowing capacitor.

(五)Starting Reactor

Starting Reactor is used for start of reduction voltage in AC system. The starting current of alternating-current motor is very large. Ordinarily, it is 5-7 times of rated current. In order to decrease the start current of the motor, and to reduce the impact when starting the motor, a starting reactor is often installed in series. The process of starting is very short, it’s about two or three seconds or to 1min. After starting, the reactor should be cut.(the starting reactor has a 85% tap in common)

The features introduction to the Newonder reactors

1、The iron core is made of top quality silicon sheet, between the sheets; high insulation paint is used to bond them together. Special process guarantees the noise level less than 55Db.

2、Winding and wire are insulated by NOMEX(C insulation level) produced by DU PONT US.

3、Winding will be painted by vacuum pressure immersion process, after high temperature cure, it will be featured as high mechanical strength, and high ability to resist short circuit shock. 

4、The reactor is featured with moisture proof, dustproof, pollution proof, thermo stability, fireproof, non-electromagnetic pollution. 

5、Reactor ends are processed by work piece which is integral, maintenance free and easy reliable installation.

The reactor products widely used in power supply, petroleum, metallurgy,  water supply, sewage treatment, textile, paper, medicine, coal, cement industries.



System voltage _________________kV
Rated current _________________A
Rated inductance _________________mH
Rated frequency _________________Hz
Phase _________________
Cooling method _________________
Long term Over-load capacity _________________Hz
Service condition _________________
Outlet way _________________
Altitude _________________m
Protection level _________________
IP standard _________________
Quantity _________________
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