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Variable current transformer is power transformer for converter equipment. The characteristics of converter equipment are original square input current and output DC current after converter component .Variable flow is genetic name of rectifier, counter-current and frequency conversion, the rectifier is one of the most widely used. Transformer as the power for converter device is called with converter transformer. Industrial DC power is mostly comprised through AC network and converter transformer 

Newonder variable current transformer is rectifier transformer for frequency converter, for converter device and DC speed regulation device and other special variable current transformer. Among these, the rectifier transformer for frequency converter is developing fast recently.



With the help of ABB, Siemens and AB, take use of advanced technology, integrate years of design, manufacture, according to all kind of pulse converter devices, after a lot of tests and update, Newonder successfully research and develop the dry type and oil-immersed transformer for variable current converters. After the practice application with Siemens and other Chinese converter manufacturers, the products proves to be good performance, mature technology. Now Newonder has built good cooperation with a lot of companies. Newonder will supply the transformers according to customers’ requirements and offer solutions to develop together with them.

Transformers widely used in power supply system, water supply, drive and DC transmission and other related industries.

Classified according to the industries

Dry type transformers mainly used in: power supply, petroleum, water supply, sewage treatment, textile, cement etc.

Mostly the transformer will be installed in transformer room and higher requirements to environment.

Oil-immersed transformers mainly used: coal, rolling and steel, etc. Especially suitable for the foggy, humid, and dusty pollution hazardous environment and demand to maintenance free and long term stably operation.

Normal products as follows:

Product name and Model No _________________
Rated power _________________kVA
HV/LV rated voltage ________ /_______ kV
HV tap-changing range _________________%
Short-circuit impedance _________________%
Number of phase _________________
Number of winding _________________
Frequency _________________Hz
Using conditions  
Altitude above sea level _________________m
Ambient temperature _________________℃
Pattern of connection _________________
Protection class _________________
Number of sets _________________
Other requirements _________________
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