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Power transformer is a kind of static electric equipment which can be used to change AC voltage (current) into the same frequency of another different voltage (current).

Newonder can produce power transformers of H insulation level dry type transformers, S9, S11、S13 serial oil-immersed transformers. The oil-immersed power transformers classify into omniseal and non-omniseal style.

S9-M、S10-M、S11-M、S13-M.RL omniseal power transformers

The power transformer modeling S9-M、S10-M、S11-M、S13-M.RL is the new serial low loss and cooper winding products from Newonder. This kind of products use the good quality material, new design method on winding, core, active body and insulation, apply the advanced technology, which will reduce the loss of no load and on load. Better structure, better performance, the new generation power transformer will be the best replacement.

Omniseal transformer adopts the contraction radiator instead of oil tank or normal radiator, the cover can be welding to the main part or not according to customers’ requirements. The contraction radiator or corrugated wall can expand and contract by the temperature changes. Because there is no air or moisture, it is impossible to be wet for the insulation system which will extend the transformer and the insulation material use life. It is no need to inspect regularly, once the device put into system; it is common not to repair during 20 years.

S9、S10、S11 non-omniseal oil-immersed power transformer

The non-omniseal power transformer is the new generation product based on the advanced technology; specially develop for grid reconstruction to be more stable, more reliable low noise and loss transformer. They are widely used in urban construction, coal and petroleum industries.




1) Cities and large minings such as high rise building, subsurface construction, airport, transportation center, communication and message center, important public work, business center etc. All these places will be using power transformer at voltage of 6-10 KV and 35 KV.

2) Power station, hydropower, nuclear station, power supply system will use power transformer.

Power transformer will be applied in power supply system, metal work, construction, metallurgy, mechanical, textile, transportation and so on.



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